Storybook Ending Wrestling 2 on Windows and Mac

Storybook Ending Wrestling 2 has been released on Windows and Mac. Click here for more information.

Storybook Ending Wrestling 2 on iOS

Storybook Ending Wrestling 2 is now available on iOS (version 4.3 or later). Check it out here on iTunes.

Storybook Ending Wrestling 2 on Google Play

SEW 2 has been released on Google Play for Android devices! Check it out by clicking here.

The iOS version will be coming very soon!

Get To Know WCWA

With SEW 2 in its final stages, we are using this time to get you acquainted with the built in game universe. Upon release, the game will have one global company – World Class Wrestling Alliance. Over in the forums you can view WCWA’s wrestlers each with their biographies and ratings. Wrestlers will be continually added over the next week, so check back regularly!

SEW 2 is coming (very) soon…

We never like to put “official” dates on releases because they usual end up being wrong, which is why we never had one for SEW 2. In the past month, SEW 2 was very close to release a couple of times but then we said something like “oh, wouldn’t this be a nice little addition”, so we added it. A few more of those and now we’re looking at a few weeks past the mark we set months ago. Well, we can say without further ado that the release date is drawing very near. We’ve added almost all of the features that we’d like to add (minus a few very, very small features), and with some brushing up and some beautifying, SEW 2 will be released on both Android and iOS within the next few weeks.

What you can expect until then…

We have created a playable wrestling promotion, complete with wrestlers and biographies/backstories, in the game. On the forums we will post their biographies so that you can get to know them a little bit before beginning the game. Our plan right now is to add more promotions and wrestlers to the game through free updates over time.

SEW 2 Feature Update #7

Incidents and Relationships

Now, on top of running your promotion through setting  up cards and managing your roster, you must now manage the morale and behavior of your roster. Wrestlers will be given a “Behavior” attribute that will determine certain incidents that can occur at any time, whether positive or negative.  Sometimes these incidents can occur backstage at your shows as standalone incidents, or as relationship-based incidents. Relationships grow and change over time, and managing these relationships may be key to keeping your locker room morale high and your card ratings high. If there is a negative incident, however, don’t fret. Sometimes the media doesn’t catch wind of the incident and you may just get away with it. But, if by chance the media happens to find out about something, depending on the wrestler’s popularity, your popularity, and the severity of the incident….well, just be careful.

SEW 2 Feature Update #6

New Development System

SEW 2 will now feature a completely new development system for wrestlers. Skill and popularity development will be much more realistic. Specifically, popularity changes in matches have been revamped. Now, if two wrestlers are fighting and the loser has a good Selling rating (thus making the winner look good), the winner will get an added popularity bonus. Likewise, if the winner has a good Selling rating (making the loser look good), the loser will not lose as much popularity.

As for aging, a wrestler’s Behavior and Potential will affect skill loss much more. For example, a wrestler with a lot of potential and good behavior will have a longer career (meaning they will lose skill ratings at a slow rate). Whereas a wrestler with little potential and bad behavior will age much quicker.

Finally, unlike SEW where all skills deteriorated at the same rate, in SEW 2, certain skills will drop at different rates. Entertainment and Psychology, for example, will not deteriorate nearly as fast as Ariel and Power. This allows for older wrestlers to still be useful, because although they may not be well suited for a Cage match, a promo might be right down their alley.

SEW 2 Feature Update #5

Improved Financial System

The financial system in SEW 2 has been completely re-coded. You, as the owner, now have more control over your ticket sales, merchandise quantity and quality, production quality, and advertising techniques. Also, a complete history of your company’s finances will be saved for up to one in game year. As with most features in this game, there will be an “auto” setting for those who wish to not focus on the financial side of running a wrestling company.

SEW 2 Feature Update #4

Completely Overhauled Auto-Book

The auto-booking feature that has gotten a lot of praise for its ability to not only auto-book shows for you (and the AI), but auto-book shows based around your current feuds and champions, will be completely re-vamped from the ground up to add even more realism to the game, while at the same time speeding up loading times. Auto-book will still have the same features as before, but will now include more run-ins, post match attacks, and other things to help keep your feuds fresh.

Another feature added to SEW 2 is the ability to set what wrestlers you want the auto-book to push. All you have to do is select some wrestlers that you want to either be pushed or to be heavily favored to win or look good in matches, and auto-book will take those wrestlers into consideration when booking. These wrestlers will also be booked more frequently in angles provided they are in feuds.

SEW 2 Feature Update #2

Full Universe

SEW 2 will come packed with a full universe of fictional wrestlers, promotions, histories, lineages, and more. With full bios, this will help you dive into the depth of the game and really get to know the characters that come with it.

We get a lot of emails requesting that we add real wrestlers to the game. Unfortunately, this would cost a lot of money in licensing and trademarks, not to mention the number of different promotions we’d have to come to agreements with. However, we decided that building a universe of our own was a great second option!

Along those same lines, this game (as with the first SEW), is fully customization. As such, you can edit or create any wrestler or promotion you want. SEW 2 will also have a built in “Share” feature (to be covered in more detail in the future) to allow you and others to share your own universes.